• Sormeh Behbahani

    Public Relations Intern

  • Catherina Xu

    Process Analyst Intern

    I am currently a senior in high school. In my free time I love to do community service, plan events for clubs at school, and play badminton.

    Experience with Sewa: As a process analyst intern, I was in charge of contacting other organizations and streamlining the processes they use to identify, contact, and serve clients. Along with the other interns, I penned a 5-page process handbook that will guide the Family Services Program at Sewa. I was able to meet many amazing people from high school, college, and beyond! Through working in a cohesive team and a wonderful, positive environment, I have gained communication skills and taken part in creating a program that will benefit families with medical emergencies. I would like to thank Yogesh, Kailash, Pavan, and Yagnesh for being fantastic mentors and making my Sewa experience unforgettable.

  • Dhanalakshmi Krishnan

    Web Developer Intern

    I joined Sewa Family Services as a web developer intern in June 2013. I am glad to be a part of the foundation engineers of the web team of Sewafs.org. I got a great exposure on various aspects of web development, like designing the layout for a website and a web application, designing and implementing the business modules, Database management system, and hosting a website.

    It gave me a great experience of working in a startup environment, where I got an opportunity to convert concepts and ideas to workable project modules. Through this internship, I got an opportunity to work with a great team and I received a needed guidance and support from coordinators and from other team members to carry the project into the right direction to meet the goal. With the experience I gained from Sewa Family Services internship, I am very confident that I will be a successful web developer with a great work ethics.

  • Jyoti Kaushik

    Web Developer Intern

    Jyoti Kaushik, pursuing MBA in Information System. Life's been roller coaster since I started to live it on my own. I studied English language & literature to be more familiar to the language and landed in what I always desired to be doing managing finance and consulting. After almost 7years of experience in the field I did Executive MBA and later on got married to a software engineer. His company and my interest in him has always been inspiring me to be part of the IT field. Probably he could do what my father and my engineer siblings or friends couldn't do. I am a seasonal volunteer for Family Resource Center, Fremont. I am also volunteering at Sewa.

    My experience at Sewa has been totally unique, I learned things related to web developing and Sewa team gave me opportunity to implement it in real life on Sewa portal. It has been very good experience and fun working with helpful coordinators and the team. Since my time in the States I blog mostly about my experience on cooking some of the never tried Indian foods. In my free time I have also worked on designing an Indian Startup website and writing blog for its android app.

  • Sripriya Krishnamoorthy

    Web Developer Intern

    Being a Web Developer intern gave me the opportunity to learn real world scenarios, gain valuable work experience, and improve my skills. This opportunity offered me variety of roles: independent and group work, challenging assignments, and sense of fulfillment.

    Interning for Sewa Family Services has been an amazing experience and privilege, and I am proud to be part of it. Through this internship, I gained a tremendous amount of skills and experiences that I can integrate into a real work environment. Sewa Family Services has helped me grow professionally and intellectually, furthering my knowledge and skills. This rewarding experience has allowed me to walk away with the confidence to be successful in a professional environment. My coordinators and other interns were motivating and helpful, and I learned a lot from them.

  • Vasu Jain

    Software Developer Volunteer

    Bio: Vasu Jain is a Software developer working in San Francisco Bay Area, California. He is an alum of University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. A Technology enthusiast, he loves to play with emerging products & technologies around. He loves photography, travelling and watching TV shows. If you are in Bay area, you can find him breaking and hacking at Hackathons or follow him at his Twitter Account at @vasujain

    Experience with Sewa: Joined in August 2013 as a Backend developer volunteer

  • Tracy Truong

    Public Relations Intern

    Why I wanted to intern: Being a Public Relations intern would give me the opportunity to learn more about my field in a community setting, gain valuable work experience, and develop and build upon my skills. With an opportunity to intern and learn from such a charitable organization with a dedicated mission to serve others, I knew that gaining this internship would offer a nice mix of everything that I was looking for: independent and group work, challenges that would keep me on my feet, and at the same time, the ability to enjoy my work and become exposed to a diverse group of interns.

    My Experience with Sewa: Interning for Sewa has been an amazing experience and an honor for me because I have been given the opportunity to represent Sewa by providing my dedication in promoting service above self, awareness, and aid to those in need. This internship has definitely been a constructive experience by allowing me to venture into various areas via writing letters to mayors, learning about and contacting different communities as a Sewa representative, to even having exposure to network with Bay Area politicians. Throughout the internship, I felt as if I have gained a tremendous amount of skills and experiences that I can integrate into a classroom setting or for any future internship opportunities. Sewa has helped me grow professionally and intellectually, furthering my knowledge and skills. This unique experience has allowed me to come away with my internship the confidence in my abilities to succeed and contribute in a professional environment. My coordinators were motivating and friendly while my intern team were hardworking and helpful. In creating the Family Services Program, along the way, I felt like I gained a Family here at Sewa as well, and I could not be more grateful for that and this internship. My advice for future Sewa Interns, do not hesitate to ask questions or contribute your ideas to your intern team and coordinators. You will be amazed of how much you will learn!

  • Nancy Huynh

    Grant Writing Intern

    My name is Nancy Huynh. I am entering my second year as an undergrad at UC Davis studying Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. This summer, I was very excited by the opportunity to make important decisions and to have my own ideas conveyed and implemented offered to me through Sewa’s

    Get Inspired Internship. The mission of Get Inspired’s Family Services Program addresses important needs in the Bay Area community, which further compelled me to dedicate my time to this summer internship. All of my experiences so far have been highly rewarding, and I have learned a great deal about working in a closely knit team and making important contacts. I am proud of what we have accomplished and will continue to produce and look forward to the future success of the Family Services Program.

  • Mallika Sathe

    Public Relations Intern

    Mallika Sathe is currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. She is part of the Varsity soccer and field hockey teams. In line with her interests of becoming a pediatrician, she is volunteering at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. With her love for animals, she also volunteers at a variety of pet adoption fairs at PETCO.

    Working as the youngest intern, Mallika has significantly contributed to establishing SEWA in the bay area. Being part of the SEWA Get Inspired team, she has gotten to know several amazing people. With this team, Mallika believes the Family Services Program will prosper!

  • Hao Dong

    Grant Writing Intern

    I am a junior at Santa Clara University studying Economics. While I was on volunteermatch looking for events for a number of my clubs at SCU, I found this internship and expressed interest to its coordinators.

    My experience has been inspiring not because of the work but because of the people that I am surrounded by. They are so motivated. It has been an interesting and challenging experience and I hope to see more volunteers in the upcoming months!

  • Anh Nguyen

    Public Relations Intern

    Anh Nguyen is an Applied Math major at San Jose State University. She plans to go to graduate school so she can teaches in colleges afterward.

    She chooses to do this PR internship because she wants to works with people and to find out more about different services in the Bay Area. She hopes that the upcoming Family Services Program will pilot after this summer so it can help those in need. Besides, Anh likes hiking and driving around on her free time. She has checked out most of the hiking trails in the Bay and is planning to expand her adventures.